Our Staff

Manager: Jodie Clatworthy
Deputy Manager: Siân Sutton 
Pre-school Assistants:
  Mandy Davey
 Julie Gamage
  Louise Rozier

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In addition, we are lucky to have Mrs Ann Grey who volunteers for us on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. She works with the older children helping them to learn to write their name, count and name colours. She is very experienced and was involved in setting up Leafield Playgroup in 1973 and has worked and volunteered for us ever since.

All our staff members are qualified childcare providers. We support our staff to continue their professional development by ensuring that they have the opportunity to undertake regular training and have access to regular updates from childcare sector. We do a written evaluation of our practice daily and discuss this further at staff meetings. This is to find out what worked well and what didn’t. From this, we improve our practice if needed. Committee members provide feedback from parents to the staff team at committee meetings. We also send out an annual questionnaire to parents and carers. 

Safeguarding audits, Equality and Diversity audits, Welfare requirements and Health and Safety Audits are completed annually in senior staff meetings. We have 2 designated members of staff and 2 committee members as Safeguarding Officers. All staff have regular General Safeguarding training and the Manager and Deputy both have Specialist Safeguarding training.