Leafield C.E. Primary School

Will your child be going to the village school in Leafield?

Leafield Preschool is a great way to prepare your child for life at Leafield C.E. Primary School since most of the children at the preschool move up to the reception class at the village school.

Your child can get to know their future classmates, and become familiar with the dynamics of the group they may well share the next 6 years of their education with.

A previous teacher reported the following about children who came up from Leafield Preschool:

“Social development is clearly an important aspect of the children’s preschool life as they came to school with established relationships which enabled them to settle into school life immediately.

The Preschool introduced phonics with the children which meant that they all started school being able to write their name and recognise some sounds. Therefore I felt that the children were in an excellent position to begin more phonics training during the first few weeks of school.

Each year’s cohort has benefited hugely from attending Leafield Preschool and the staff are doing a fantastic job.

I hope to strengthen our partnership with the preschool to ensure a seamless transition for all the children in our care.”